Birthday wishlist

Today I am 33 years old!! I honestly don’t feel a day over 21. It still shocks me that I’m in my 30’s and have 2 kids. But here I am living my best life. I have had this blog for 7 years, and every year I make out a birthday wishlist. I figured this year should be no different.

1.Could I actually spend $500 on tennis shoes? Probably not, but I love the look of golden goose, and everybody says they’re amazing! 2.Now that I don’t have to carry around a diaper bag EVERYWHERE (just occasionally) just some snacks and diapers, I’ve really been craving a new purse! 3. a new purse always makes me want new sunglasses. Actually, I just always want new sunglasses! 4. to go with my goal of learning to paint my nails! 5. I own a dress from this brand and LOVE it.

golden goose . kate spade polly cross body bag . le spec sunglasses . manicure set . jumpsuit

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Happy birthday
    I am 56 and still think myself as 20 something

    March 19, 2019 at 6:31 pm
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