The boys

I almost have two toddlers in my house ya’ll. My boys are the bestest and the cutest! Jack is almost 2.5 and Ben is 11 months . . .

Basics: Both boys are pretty good sleepers. They go to bed about 830 and sleep until about 630/7 the next day. Jack usually wakes up on his own about 630, and comes out of his room 3 or 4 times before finally giving up and sleeping. But Ben goes to sleep easily on his own, and usually has to be woken up at 7. We had some rough months with him getting teeth, getting used to real food, and weening from breastfeeding. So this is very welcome. They both nap for 1.5 to 2.5 hours every afternoon.

Ben ended up going the same route Jack did with breastfeeding. Jack started to self ween at 9 months which was also when I found out I was pregnant. I assumed it was because my milk had changed flavors – a real thing, it was getting ready for the new baby. But Ben just naturally did the same thing so I guess it’s a ‘my kid thing’. My sister will ask so I’ll confirm I’m not pregnant again here. Each boy was introduced solid foods at 6 months, and had a good handle on breakfast, lunch, and dinner by 9 months with 4 nursings a day. And then they just decided to stop eating around the 3 o’clock hour. Once that was fully gone we just kinda repeated every two weeks until they were fully weened. Jack a little after 11 months, and Ben right at. So no they both basically eat the same things all the time. It’s made eating much easier even though more expensive.

Fun stuff:: Jack is THRIVING at school! He knows his ABC’s and can count to 10 (almost 15). He knows all his colors and most shapes! Now we’re working on recognizing the letters and numbers when he sees them. We’ve also started working on potty training. He jumps and skips and runs and never stops talking! He loves swimming class – gets to go in the pool all by himself now! Jack also loves to read books with daddy before bed and watch movies with mamaw and papaw.

Benjamin is just my little chill baby. He loves to eat, he loves to sing, he’s crawling and pulling up on everything. It took him a minute to crawl and then all of a sudden he’s a pro. Not quite cruising or walking yet. He loves swimming too, but mama of course still has to get in the pool with him. Mama is his very favorite person while his big brother is a close second. He makes noises that sound like words, but nothing that we think is a real word yet.

Watching them together is the coolest, especially lately! They just naturally wrestle with each other like typical brothers. That’ll be an adventure soon. They love each other soooo much and get so excited to see each other. Sharing is still a bit of a struggle, but we’re working on it.

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    They are handsome little boys and it is always good when they sleep so well my eldest daughter was horrible when it came bedtime

    February 27, 2019 at 3:42 pm
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