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Benjamin Homer at 5 months

Height: 26ish inches

 Head: 75% 

Weight: 16ish lbs

Basics: Holy 4 month sleep regression. It got real bad, like I don’t remember it ever being this bad with Jack. Scott tells me I’ve just pushed it from my mind though. He literally did a 180. He was up every 2 hours for about 10 days straight. Then we went to 3 hours. Now we’re down to once or twice. He is getting 1 2 hour nap again tho so that’s good. Yes, I try for more, but he won’t do it. I feel like we’re on our way back. We’re out of a big brain leap, and have started solids so I know for sure he’s not hungry when he goes down. With his demeanor and how well he does during the day and with eating, sleep training would work great for him probably.

But it’s me holding us back from trying it. I don’t have the patience to work through the couple days of him crying a lot. I get very emotional about it. And lack of sleep has made me quite irritable. Daddy tries and we’re up for an hour. I go in and we’re back to sleep in less than half an hour. So it’s all me unfortunately. But I know it’s possible for him to sleep through the night so I don’t think it’s necessary yet. He started rolling over, stopped being swaddled, started solids, got a little constipated, and got his first tooth all during a month long brain leap. SO OF COURSE HIS SLEEP WAS WONKY! We’re over the hump just gotta get back on track now.

Solids are so fun! We did them different than with Jack (who struggled at first) and so far so good.

Fun Stuff: He’s rolling back to tummy and tummy to back. He’s still unsure of his tummy, but doesn’t freak out anymore. Ben is trying SO HARD to crawl and almost army crawls. He’s got one tooth and more coming. He LOVES his toys finally. We got him a chair to sit up in and at first he hated it, but now he loves it! He can sit up with just a little assistance so just a few more days and he’ll be sitting up on his own. He loves to suck on his hands and feet. A lot happened this month for little Benjamin. and yes his hair has looked like for his entire 5 months of life. It is not static. There is nothing I can or will do because I love it and hope it lasts forever. Also, it’s starting to turn red.

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