the one about Book-con

A month ago some friends and I went to New York City for the weekend! It was so fun, and such a great little getaway with some girlfriends. We spent most of our time there at Book-con. Hopefully, you’re not here to get book-con tips because I have none for you except these quick 5 (of course, 5!) look on the forums for spreadsheets of the arc drops, make a schedule the night before, don’t forget to get the tickets for autographs and get them asap, put a suitcase in coat check to hold all your crap instead of lugging it around all day, and just go have fun! We did get to see Times Square and the 9/11 memorial as well. Here’s some pics and memories I want to keep from the weekend.

getting stuck at the airport for hours upon hours

Charity and Tosha freaking out on their first ever plane ride.

Batman conning Faith out of $10 and creeping me out.

Shake Shack bbq bacon fries.

Old Navy on Times Square

walking around times square at 11 pm looking hagard, but not caring

HP & The Cursed Child!

Meeting Sabaa and Marie

NY Pizza

elevator rides with Charity

not meeting out death in ubers

somber moments at the 9/11 memorial

I spent many moments with people I didn’t know on this weekend. From many walks of life and many different states – all of us different. As we are celebrating the 4th of July and with everything going on in our country, I think back to this trip often. My mind always goes to the happy moments spent with those people different from myself, and I remember that most people are good. Everyone I saw was kind to one another, most even helped each other in small ways. No one had rude things to say or dirty looks to give. Everyone was just taking care of and minding their own business. No one cared what country you were from, or what your sexual orientation is, or if you pulled your breast pump out in the middle of a crowd. Most people are good.



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