life update for may

So many good things happened in May, let’s talk about them.

Most importantly the boys continue to love each other and being a stay at home is da best. I mostly say this to remind myself how blessed I am.

Scott’s best friend, Matt got married to Rachel!!! The wedding was amazing- the vows, the dress, THE CAKE! and I got to wear this super great jumping suit. I say it like that because I’m a mother and therefore have watched Trolls exactly 1,027 times in the past year.

Uncle Jon graduated college!! We’re so happy and proud of him, even though we had to sit through a graduation.

Jack got to experience the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the first time. It’s a big deal for a Hoosier, which he begrudgingly is now. Our friends had a pagoda suite on bump day, and there just is no other way to do the race I’ve decided.

We also did lots of landscaping, and got a new air conditioner! May was an expensive month ya’ll. Also, this is not my yard – I didn’t landscape that much.

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