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the one with Ben at 2 months

Height:  23 1/4

Head: 16″

Weight: 12lbs

Basics: Ben at 2 months is such a big boy! He’s still a great sleeper! He sleeps from 830-830 only waking up once to eat! Then he takes 2 two hour naps! We have noise, lavender, and a swaddle every night. Just the noise and swaddle for naps. My hopes are not up because this is exactly what Jack did and it all went down hill and got worse until he had fully started eating solids and stopped nursing completely. Any tips for getting it to stick are welcome!

He eats every 2 hours while he’s awake from both breasts. He’s not growing as much as Jack, but he is eating just as much. Hopefully that means that around 3 months he’ll switch to every 3 hours which will open up my time SO MUCH! Then at 6 months we’ll introduce solids and it’ll go down to every 4 hours which is a whole new world, guys! Breastfeeding is a full time job so I have to keep these things in mind. That and I missed it when Jack stopped. It’s worth it.

Fun Stuff: He LOVES bath time, and it is the cutest! He has the greatest spiky hair. Big brother is his favorite. I can tell because he gets the most smiles. He’s a really great and fairly easy baby. Is some of that because I just have an idea what to do and expect this time?! Probably.

He smiles all the time, loves looking in mirrors, grabs and kicks and coos and is developing just right on time. He won’t last anywhere longer than 20 minutes though unless that spot is in someones arms or he’s sleeping at night. So he’s in the ergo all the time. Baby wearing for the win!

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Babies looks so peaceful when they are sleeping

    May 23, 2018 at 6:03 pm
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