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Welcome back! I’m so excited to feel like myself and get back to this space once again. It’s such a creative outlet fo rme and makes me feel like I have something that’s just mine. Sure I talk about Scott and the kids, but this isn’t theirs. This is just mama’s space. So even though blogging is changing and I haven’t kept up I’m happy to be back.

I will probably share more on Instagram than here on the blog though to keep up with the youngin’s. So be sure you’re following me over there¬†@butchersniche

I’ve always tried to keep things simple in my life. I’m not a minimalist by any means, but I like it simple. So I’ve always had this ‘rule’ in my head that I rarely shared. But it helps me a lot!! I call it the rule of 5. I also have tons of short cuts to get me through certain things. Several friends have said I need to blog about them. Sometimes when you do something all the time it becomes natural, and it’s hard to fathom that others don’t do it that way, ya know.

That’s how I’ve always felt about my rule of 5. What is the rule of 5? Basically if it needs more than 5 items can’t be done in 5 steps, etc then I only do it if the reward outweighs the risk/effort. For example, do I need more than 5 daily skincare products? Is that 6th thing worth the cost and time? Usually not. On a busy weekday is making complicated chicken pot pie really worth it over just making a quick and easy 5 ingredient chicken stir fry, usually not.

I have other things to stress about and my anxiety will take over for the rest so there are somethings I just don’t worry about. I keep it in check with the rule of 5, and now I’m going to start sharing how I do that here on the blog. This isn’t going to work for everyone, it’s not an official patented idea. It’s just a quirk of mine that helps me keep my busy life less stressful.

Here at the niche you’ll still find lots of fashion, decor, crafts, my kiddos, recipes – just all of it will follow the rule of 5 now! See ya Wednesday!

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    If I need to ask more than 5 times for Leo to get ready for school I will end up yelling and getting frustrated with him.

    May 7, 2018 at 6:02 pm
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