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the one with Ben at 1 month

Height:  22″

 Head: they didn’t write it down, but said it was 80th percentile

Weight: 9 lbs 13.5 oz

Basics: Ben at 1 month eats, poops, plays, and then sleeps in that order every 2.5 hours! Except at 830pm he sleeps until about 3/330am! And mama says thank you Jesus, please keep this going for my sanity, amen! So sleep is going great.

Eating is going well. We’re 100% breastfed – we pump and have bottles about half the time. It makes things easier for mama with a  toddler running around 🙂 When he first arrived, mama was over producing milk so we took that luck we had and leveraged it to save up lots of milk. Let’s just say unless I go on a vacation without him, I’ll be donating some. A fed baby is the best baby, so I feel incredibly blessed we’re able to do it the free way and it be fairly easy. It’s painful and is a full time job so it’s not easy, but there is no easy way to have/raise a baby.

Fun Stuff: Everyone says he looks more like me than he does Scott, which makes me super happy. Jack is Scott’s twin with strawberry blonde hair (RIP red hair) so having one that looks more like me than him even if he’s not my twin is grreeeat! But he does have those Stark blue eyes so far. Ben’s receding hair line is starting to go away, and his skin is getting even more olive toned. No idea where that skin tone came from, but it’s so purdy.

He doesn’t mind tummy time, is starting to grab at things, prefers to be held or swaddled, and he’s holding his head up well. Sometimes he smiles at me so that’ll come soon as well as cooing! He’s getting more used to playing on a blanket or a mat while he looks at toys above him/lights/somebodies face. He hated it until a couple days ago.

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    He is growing nicely

    April 17, 2018 at 5:58 pm
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