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the one with Jack’s (almost) big boy room

If it feels like I just did a post on Jack’s nursery, well that’s because I did a year ago. But, ya know, we moved. This room is basically what I always imagined it would be. But when he was born we were living in a small rental in Florida which we knew was very temporary. We were either moving out of state or out of that house within the first year of his life. So we kept the guest bed in his room . . . and things were cramped. Like there was about a 2×3 space to walk around in, and his changing table was in the closet. So cramped! Now he has his own space, and no need for a changing table (I change 90% of his diapers downstairs). So here’s my big boys new room . . .

I went with the same non theme as before. I decided with Jack (and I’ve done the same with Ben to share later) that I would choose an animal, shape, color, and character that sort of represented him in mind. I’ve done the same thing with myself and I know how weird this is. But that’s his theme. There are lions, hexagons, blues (and greens) and a little Peter Pan all  throughout his room. You may be asking where his dresser is. I have it hidden in the closet for now! It only holds clothes so it’s a good spot for it until we don’t need his rocker anymore.


lost boys print . peter pan prints . stuffed animals were all gifts (mostly from Target or Disney store) . robot  . rocker and end table thrifted .  hexagon blanket and pillows made by my mama from old spoonflower fabric . you are my sunshine . crib . curtains . backpack . hooks . similar anchor . cubes . blue and green buckets . similar wood frames . monitor . diffuser . laundry bin . curtain rods . lamp . book ledge . where the wild things are . curious george books . sheets . mattress . rug . night light . similar star blanket . noise machine



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