the one with a christmas list for kids under 2

I am so happy it’s almost Christmas. More so than usual. When you have kids, I think you have to be. You’re at least going to be pretending for the kids. But for me there’s no pretending. Jack is going to love all the lights, and all the wrapping paper, and all the attention! And new toys!

We’ve decided to get him 5 gifts this year, inspired by the pinterest thing that goes around. 1 gift from santa, 1 gift he needs, 1 gift he wants, 1 gift he can wear, and 1 gift he can read! IT keeps us from spending too much and spoiling him. Plus it gives him things he will actually use more than once or twice. What’s on your kids list this year?

art table . trolls coloring book . nike’s . tool belt . farm . snowsuit . books . mega blocks . workbench . cars . play kitchen

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