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the one about 2nd pregnancy insecurities

When I was pregnant with Jack, I would read all the things. I felt totally prepared for everything that would happen to my body. And honestly, not much was surprising to me. There were some and I wrote a post about it. But even postpartum I felt prepared. It wasn’t that I didn’t have insecurities, I mean everything lays differently now and there is some breastfeeding weight I didn’t get rid of before I got pregnant again. But I knew it would happen, and I knew Jack would be worth. And mostly I knew with some hard work I’d be able to fix most of it. To give credit where credit is due, I also have an amazing supportive husband who is really good at making me feel beautiful. He always helps to keep my insecurities in check.

But with Ben’s pregnancy, I was not as prepared. None of the symptoms surprised me; although I was a little at how hard they hit this time. But mostly it’s that my body changed . . . even more. Not only did the symptoms hit harder and faster, but I’m showing earlier and lower and bigger. Oh lord, bigger. There are clothes I was wearing a week before I gave birth to Jack, that I know won’t fit much longer. I’m not gaining more weight so that’s not it. The only difference is Ben sits lower.

But you know what, it’s ok. For some reason, God gave me the blessing to carry these babies with little problems and I won’t take that for granted. There are women, some of you reading this probably, who have terrible pregnancies or can’t get pregnant at all. I count my blessings, and a changing body because it is growing healthy baby boys is one of them. Plus, with a little hard work I can get it mostly back to normal 🙂 And what is physically harder than giving birth . . . certainly not working out.

This outfit is perfect for those girls like me. It has lots of room for growth, lots of room to hide those things you’re insecure about, and it’s incredibly comfortable. On second thought, this a great outfit for all girls.

dress is Carly by Lu la Roe (if you need a consultant email me!) . cardigan . necklace via . sunglasses . booties


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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy lady

    Every pregnancy is different no matter if you have two children or 5 children, I have three daughters each pregnancy was different and what surprises you is how different they are

    November 13, 2017 at 5:21 pm
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