Friday Favorites 11.3.17

  1. We get our first Freshly box tomorrow (it’s like blue apron) I’m super pumped to try it out! We’ve tried home fresh and while the meals were good, they seemed to take a long time to cook for me. I just don’t have the time for long meals at this point in life! So I hope Freshly is a little different. Click the link for $20 off your first order! 
  2. Top golf recently opened right down the street from us, and we finally got around to visiting. It was the weekend before Halloween and for my besties birthday so we all dressed up! I can’t wait to go back.
  3. Boot season is here. right now. it’s here. need my feet to be warm. i have boots, but I need more. after living in florida I don’t have as many as are needed. I’m looking into these right now. 
  4. gotta start preparing for thanksgiving now. 5. We went to zooboo last week, and somebody loved it! 
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