5 Halloween recipes to try

I love festive foods. Especially foods I make a lot, but with a little change can get everyone excited about the holidays. Now that I have a little boy who eats real food and another on on the way who will by this time next year (whhhaaaaaaa!?!?!?) So here’s 5 festive foods I want to try this year . . .

puking pumpkin dessert I’ve seen tons of puking pumpkin desserts over the years. But none have made as much sense to me. I love this marshmallow fluff dip so that’s probably why.

caramel apple slices Every year about this time I get a craving for caramel apples. But they seem so hard to make. These make it seem doable.

chicken boo-dle soup How fun!? This is already on the list to make this weekend actually!

sugar skull fruit pizza This is the prettiest food I’ve ever seen. Now to find a party to take this to.

pretzel and cheese broomsticks  Jack gets a snack of cheese sticks almost everyday, and I think it might be time to try some pretzels 🙂

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