the one about Jack at 12 months

Height:  30 inches 50th% We’ve had ‘issues’ with his measurements since birth. For example he grew 3 inches in his first week of life – per the measurements, can’t be real. This is the first time we feel like it’s actually accurate. 

Head: 47.5 inches 90th %

Weight: 21.9 60th%

Nicknames: Dumplin, jackster, jack jack, sweet pea

Sleeping: It’s going so well. We have a great bedtime routine, and he sleeps right on through the night. We’re down to one nap a day, but some days he still takes two. He’s very good at showing when he’s tired and getting me for bed. This was a long time coming and I’m so glad it came while I’m preggo. Sleep is already hit or miss when you’re preggo. Occasionally he wakes up in the middle of the night, but either of us can rock him to sleep. And when I say occasionally, I mean like maybe once every 10 days or so.

Feeding: Little man completely self weaned from breastfeeding at about 11.5 months. 3 months ago I thought weaning was going to be really tough. He was really dependant on breastfeeding for food and for soothing. He’s always been independent, he wouldn’t eat more food during the day, and I don’t like the cry it out method so I wasn’t sure where to start to wean. Then all of a sudden he did it on his own. I talked a lot about it last month if you want the details. At eleven months he just wasn’t nursing before bed. He mostly just suckled a little and then wanted to giggle and laugh. So I just stopped one night, cold turkey. aaannnd he’s perfectly fine.

Last week I shared what he eats in a day. A lot. Basically anything you put in front of him, and he drinks lots and lots of water.

Fun Stuff:  He gabs and makes noises all day long. He says night night, bye bye, hey, mama, dada, bub, and down (sort of). Standing and cruising is his favorite thing. He will stand anywhere and if he can walk somewhere while not letting go he will. He’s still a little unsteady when he’s not holding onto something so it’ll be a few more weeks before we’re walking probably. He loves having a new big (at least to him it’s big) house to be the king of. He goes everywhere and plays with everything. baby proofing was the first thing on our list 🙂 But we had to leave a few cabinets open so he can bang the pots and pans and pull out all the dishtowels. Typical Florida boy loves to be outside.

He waves bye bye, blows kisses but only to mama (we’re working on it), gives fives and asks for them, blows raspberries, and sticks out his tongue at everyone. Jack loves listening to music and the louder it goes, the louder he sings (which is just yelling). In Florida all of our friends were mostly younger than him or considerably older. Here most of his friends are his age so we’re spending more time with them and he’s learning to share and get enjoyment from other kids. I’m very excited about it.

Cloth diapers are still going well. He’s a big boy, but he’s tall and skinny so they still fit easily. It’s made pooping better actually, all we do is just let it flop off! We do about 50/50 cloth to disposable right now, but now that we’re settled I’m hoping to do more cloth again. Still one more appointment to check on his glaucoma, but his eyes aren’t cloudy and he focuses really well so I’m hopeful.

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