the one with a big surprise

Maybe you’ve noticed that I’ve been MIA again. You probably just assumed it was because of the cross country move I talked about in July. And a lot of it was! But there was one other big reason . . .

Yes, This baby is a big surprise. 8 weeks after JAck I had a mirena put in. Mostly because I didn’t want to worry about that time of the month or remembering to take the pill anymore. But I hated it. So at the beginning of June I had it taken out. Turns out it was in too low! I had a period immediately after, and immediately after that started back on the pill. That was June 20thish. Fast Forward 1 month, I realized I was starting a new month of pills . . . . and hadn’t had a period. I was in complete denial for a week. Pretty much refused to take a test, and just kept packing our house in Florida. There was no way I was pregnant! I was probably just irregular because of the iud.

Remember during all of this we’re in the middle of a cross country move with a 9 month old. So my mind was a rather stressful place. Finally on July 16th still nothing happening, Scott convinced me to take a pregnancy test. He made a good point that if I was pregnant I couldn’t lift things during our move – which was happening 3 days later. I was also INCREDIBLY emotional at church service that morning. I still thought there was no chance. It was our last service and I love our Florida church so it all still made sense to me. So after lunch with friends we drove to Target got 3 tests, and went straight home to take one.

Just like with Jack, I could watch the moisture move down the strip and as soon as it hit the spot to show the line a line appeared! I cried, Scott was happy and apprehensive, Jack went to sleep. We watched a movie, had dinner, got some ice cream, packed some more, and I took another test. Same thing. The next morning I took another, and the same thing. It was an awkward week of trying to be sure I got plenty of water and healthy food . . . and not lifting anything as we moved across the country without movers. I was also on sensory overload because of the pregnancy, and incredibly sad to be leaving Florida especially since one of my best friends there is pregnant, and another just had a baby in April.

Moving and not be able to tell anyone showed us we weren’t going to be able to hide this one especially since we were living with my parents for 2 months. My sister and nephew who moved with us totally figured it out! I’m not one to let go of control or not help and pull my weight. So with me avoiding things and letting Scott control the move they knew something was up. My nephew also noticed the poor way I handled the sensory overload, ha! So our families found out at 8 weeks!

We got Jack a shirt that said big brother, and one weekend we went to lunch, dinner, and lunch and dinner the next day to be sure everyone knew. We tried to just wait and see when they would notice his shirt, but our sisters in law were the only two who noticed! haha! we ended up having to point it out to everyone else. Everyone is of course ecstatic! And everyone hopes for a girl! I finally get what people mean when they say they just want a healthy baby. Like of course you do, but you’ll be a little disappointed if it’s not one or the other, right!?!  I’ve always dreamed of having a girl, and a I’d like to not ever be pregnant again to be honest. But if it’s a boy I’ll be just as happy. We find out next week!

Just as my life evolves, this blog goes with it. This has never been something I’ve made a career out of. To be honest I tried when we first moved to Florida. But it never took off enough, and to be even more honest, my heart was never in it that much. I don’t want this place to be somewhere that I have to think about what goes up, and if I’m hurting my income. I just want to share my life and find others to build friendships with. So with this pregnancy the blog is going to change. I’m going to share a lot more of our lives, a lot more mom stuff. I’ll still put up fashion stuff, just not as much. Other than that we’ll just have to see what changes come.

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  • Reply Sherri

    This is so much fun. I can not wait to see if its a boy or a girl. I also cant wait to see how Jack does with the new baby.

    September 8, 2017 at 11:14 am
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