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the one with diy mother’s day gifts

This year’s diy mother’s day gifts were quite easy. Is it always this easy once you give them grandchildren? Do I just give them stuff Jack made every year? That was the routine this year and I can’t see it stopping. Especially since little man LOVED getting to play with paint. He mostly tried to eat it, but he did play long enough to get it all over the small canvas. And he had a huge smile on his face the whole time.

It’s pretty clear what we did. We just put him in his high chair with a 8×10 canvas that I had squirted some paint on. Then he went to town for awhile on each one. I basically let him go on one until he was over it, then we took a break before doing the other one. Once it was all dry I used mod podge to secure a picture of him painting in the middle. Viola! Put this down as a mom brag post – or an idea for a last minute gift if you need one.


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