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I love day in the life posts! I love them because I love schedules and routines. Also, I love seeing how people keep up with their discipline and motivation. Most importantly though – I’m nosy. Keepin it real, ya’ll. I share these about once a year, and in the past 6 months our daily routine has been shook. S o it was time for an update!

You’ll notice we use Evian Facial mist often. This spray is pure and gentle on Jack and me. It has a leak proof canister so we can take it anywhere! Evian Facial Spray gently cleanses and helps refresh baby’s skin. It has a unique balance of minerals, a neutral 7.2 pH, and is free from any chemicals so it won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin. It is also propelled by nitrogen, so it’s safe for babies and for the environment. Moms can use the spray to rinse off sticky fingers, to help with kid’s hair brushing or styling, and many more.  Here’s our day in the life and many of the ways we use the spray! Look for the giveaway at the end!

630: Wakey wakey! We’re sleep training Jack so I’m very tired and full of breastmilk. While I pump, I drink my first cup of coffee and have a lactation muffin. Once I’m done I hurry to brush my teeth, get myself some water, get dressed for a workout, and wake up my face with a spritz of Evian facial spray, eye cream, and a hydrating bb cream.  Usually, Scott wakes up Jack and changes his diaper about 7.

730: Jack and I hit up the boardwalk for a walk/jog after dropping daddy off at work. We usually listen to some praise music while we do it. If there’s a place to sit I nurse him while adding the blog to link ups, commenting on my favorite posts, posting to instagram, commenting on my favorite instagram posts, and checking my email. I’ve got that down since I’ve done it for 4 years so that it takes me about half an hour. We always end our time by putting our feet in the water and prayer journaling. I always keep an extra Evian spray in the diaper bag to clean up our feet. Babies don’t like sand on their feet 🙂

9: I’m starving by the time we get home at 9. So I put  Jack in his jumper while I eat, have more coffee, and finish my blogging tasks from before. Then it’s time for Jack’s first nap!  Today we went a little late and he takes about 10 minutes to fuss before giving in .

945: This is my time to get everything done I can’t with a baby. It’s what my husband calls the tornado. I have certain chores I do each day – today those are to clean the kitchen, prep more breakfast, and wash a load of laundry. I’m a neat freak so I go through the house to pick up everything and take the trash out as well. I can always find something to clean at my house.  I write or do a blog post each weekday so today I start writing a post including editing the pictures. Tomorrow I won’t write one I’ll have a shoot instead.

12: Jack slept a little longer than usual, and it’s been 4 hours since he ate. Time to wake him up for lunch! Today I’m really hungry so I make myself a sandwich and grab some veggie chips to eat while I nurse him. While he eats, I play around on pinterest, check instagram, see if there are any sponsored posts I want to apply for, respond to emails etc. Phones are great things.

1230: For the next two and a half hours while he’s awake I engage with him. He’s at a really fun age, and he’s finds everything I do super interesting. Today we read a couple pages of peter pan, played with colored ice cubes and then some fuzzy puppets (sensory skills are big right now) , sang some songs, and I wore him in his wrap while we checked the mail and got stuck talking to a neighbor. I try to give him some time on his play mat as well so he can work on crawling and other motor skills. We finish up with that outside while I finish writing the blog post from earlier. So I put some sunscreen on Jack’s legs – evian helps me get it blended quickly on his fidgety legs.

230: Time for Jackers second nap 🙂 He goes down easily this time

245: Usually, I’m trying to finish my to do list from earlier. But Jack took a long morning nap so I have no more chores for the day. I try and have something creative for me to do each day whether it be playing the piano for 30 minutes, a craft, baking, reading, whatever. Today I made a raspberry pie and practiced a new piano song.

345: His 2nd nap is always short! He had a big poop and he’s hungry! Guess what comes back out – yup the evian mist. It really helps clean up his booty so I don’t have to use 20 wipes. I’ll spare you from that picture 😉

415: Once the boy is full I let him play with his teethers and watch some animals on the tv. He loves animals! With the tv time this morning and now it’s only an hour a day. He’s also only 7 months old so if it interests him I don’t feel bad about it. I start dinner so we can eat as soon as daddy is home, and talk with Jack about the animals. I read to make lots of noises and talk to him at this age. So chatting and cooing at each other is our favorite game right now. He’s very good at it.

440: We go get daddy from work, and Jack cat naps in the car 🙂

530: Daddy entertains Jack while I finish dinner. Then everybody has dinner together! Family dinners was part of my dream life so the fact that it’s here is the best part of my day. I meal prep so we can eat at home as much as possible, but we always eat out on Friday’s. Friday’s are my favorite days, ha!

630: The facial mist comes out one more time to help us clean the boys face up 🙂 Once dinner and the dishes are over, Jack and Daddy play and relax. I call my mom and start getting ready for the next day – laying out clothes, prepping breakfast and lunch, picking up the house one last time. Then I relax with them a little.

745: Jack gets his last nursing session, a bath, and then his bedtime routine.

830: Jack is fast asleep and it’s time for mama to chill now. Honestly, if he’s not sleeping well i go ahead and go to bed. But usually I’m spending some time with Scott, listening to my music or watching my tv shows, or read.

10: goodnight!

3 lucky winners will receive a Skip Hop Duo Signature diaper bag, in Heather Grey filled with a 10oz, 5oz, and a trio of travel sized evian facial sprays! Just go here to enter!

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    Photos that made me smile for that I thank you. cleaning up baby is so much easier now days when my girls were little there was no baby wipes you had to use a wet cloth or tissues

    April 19, 2017 at 5:40 pm
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