Links and Loves

1. Cupcakes and Cashmere had this Leo rug on their website last week. Every person I know who reads cupcakes and cashmere must have sent it to me over the past week. Yes people I know. I need this rug. The ubs however is thrilled that I can’t find it.

2. I”m trying to live by the if I still want it in a week then I’ll go buy it rule. I’ve wanted this romper for approximately 3 weeks. Only the fact that I put it on my bday list is keeping me from buying it already.

3. Sometime this year the hubs and I will be buying a house again #thankyoulord He’s recently discovered (thanks to another friend buying a house) that he likes craftsmen/mid century style. I can get on board after seeing this from the every girl.

4. I joined weight watchers recently to get into healthier eating habits. Once I finish breastfeeding I know I’ll be in for a rude awakening. So this article on healthy eating habits from around the world was interesting to say the least

5. I need these wedges to go with my new romper, obviously.

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