the one with Jack’s first Christmas!

Jack’s first Christmas! One of the best days ever! I wanted to share this post a week ago, but we had to stay in Indiana for an extra 4 days. Blog work takes a back seat when your family needs you, and your baby is out of his element for 10 days. ¬†Better late than never in my book . . .

1.Jack finally got to meet the rest of his family over Christmas. Including all 75 thousand cousins. Plus he got to meet all of mama and daddy’s friends!

2. Actual Christmas day was very low key for us, just how I like it. We went to church in the morning, spent a few hours at my parents, and then a few hours at my MIL house. I made sure we all matched in greys, greens, and reds!!! I love having a little person to dress.

3. New years Eve was pretty low key as well. We had burgers for dinner at a local restaurant. They had a ball drop and ‘champagne’ for all the kiddos. Since our niece and nephew were with us it was perfect! Jack slept through all of it. Then we all went to bed at 10. #parenthood

4. We did get a few balloons to take home with us. Baby boy loved them. Thankfully they didn’t pop while we were there.

5. Our friends Jeff and RAchel had a baby (duke) on Thursday, September 15th. Jack was born on Tuesday, September 20th. Then our friends Joe and Keenan had a baby (wren) on Friday September 23rd. The babies all finally met while we were in Indiana. It was a momentous occasion. And yes he really is that big.

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  • Reply Jo-Anne the crazy woman

    Jack is so adorable

    January 13, 2017 at 3:31 pm
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