the one with Jack’s two month update

Happy Thanksgiving! Little man is 2 months and 4 days old! Because of Thanksgiving he won’t have an appointment until middle of December when he’ll be a week from 3 months so the numbers are just guesses. He’s made big strides in sleep and development tho!


Height: per our blanket he’s 25″ … very official obviously
Head: 15.5 99%
Weight: I’d guess he’s about 13 lbs now.

Nicknames: Dumplin, babycakes, bubba, my boy, little boo, sweet boy

Sleep: We finally have a good consistent system. Little man takes a bath about 730, and we put fresh pj’s on. Then he usually doses in his swing or is just awake and cute and happy. Then at 9/930 I wake him up and feed him again. We all go to bed between 930/10. Then he and I get up about 2 every morning for a clean booty and a small snack (breastfeeds for about 15 minutes). Finally we all get up for the day at 530. We only have one car so he usually sleeps again from 730-9 while I drive Daddy to work and do some blog work. Then he takes a long nap around 1030-1ish. After that we fight sleep until after our bath.

Feeding: Little man is still exclusively eating from the boob. We have had minimal problems and I feel incredibly blessed. I had 3 key people give me lots of advice here and all of it has worked. I plan on sharing soon to hopefully help others have as little trouble as we’ve had. It is a full time job tho. He eats every 2 hours while he’s awake for at least 15 minutes each time -usually 30 tho. It’s incredibly time consuming.

Fun Stuff: His smiles light up our day, and he’s starting to giggle just not when things are funny. He’s starting to develop a big personality and already has his favorite things. His lion blanket even tho it’s the exact same as all the other Aden and Anias swaddles is by far his favorite. He is almost always making a noise of some kind especially when he’s in his swing – his favorite place. He hates tummy time, but that just means he kicks a lot so crawling will come easily once he’s ready. Jack loves to crane his neck every which direction to see all the bright colors and lights around him. Even when he’s in a carrier or wrap (which he loves) he sticks his neck out so he can look around.

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    Oh he is so damn cute

    November 24, 2016 at 2:27 pm
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