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the one that’s not nursing friendly

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I figured since last week I did an outfit that was nursing friendly I should back it up this week with one that’s not nursing friendly so much. Like it doesn’t work at all if you need to nurse. But it’s really cute. It works for those few date nights the baby doesn’t come with you on. It also works when you go to church and straight back home. Outfits like this is why I bought a pump – for the occasional bottle. This dress is a maternity dress, that I bought a size too small when I was pregnant. I had high hopes I’d be able to keep it at it’s original shape and not stretch it out. I’m very happy to report that it worked, and here we are today!

I’m a very curvy girl and dresses like this are sometimes hard to wear for me. They have no shape and so they show every detail of mine or they’re too loose and since they have to be really loose to not show any curves I just look like a big bag. The size of the dress and the accessories that are added are always key to be sure neither one of those things happen. This dress has the perfect shape – it curves in just a little on the sides to add some shape. The scarf and the leopard shoes make it perfect for fall and take away from the bag look!

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