the one with a men’s gift guide 2016

6 years ago I was introduced to the real way to receive gifts. Of course, you show your gratitude and smile. But most of all, there must be exaggeration and exasperation. The person giving the gift needs to believe that this gift is literally the best thing on the planet. No one has ever understood their needs and wants better than you in this moment. I learned this from my husband, and have since learned even more tips from his mom and brother. I can only hope this comes naturally to our son because they have become my favorite people to buy gifts for. There might be a chance that I am just good at giving gifts. If that is the case then it’s my duty to help everyone else. So today here’s a gift guide for all the men in your life.

I have a system for the things I buy for my husband. First, I love to buy him things that he needs. He knows he needs new jeans, but he’ll never buy them. I buy them, and I’m taking care of him! Second, I’ll buy him something he’s asked for. You kinda have to at Christmas, right? Finally, my favorite things to buy him are the things that he sees as treats or will make his life easier! He never buys himself nice whiskey. So I will! He always buys the cheap hair gel. So I’ll buy him the nicer stuff, and he’ll race and rant and over exaggerate how much better it is. Seriously he’s the best at receiving gifts. Here’s some of the things on my list for the hubs this year . . .



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