the one with Jack’s Halloween Costume

img_9338 img_9339 img_9340Today I’ve got quite possibly the cutest post of all time! It’s Jack’s Halloween costume! I’m really proud of it and of my boy.

I love Harry Potter so when my bro in law sent me a picture of another baby dressed as a mandrake I knew exactly what Jack would be for his 1st Halloween! My husband; however, is not as big a fan. But It only took minimal convincing.

I found some options to buy on etsy, but in the end decided to make my own. This way I was able to have my own little take on it, and I spent the same amount (if not less) than buying pre-made. I wanted it to be a little vintage and whimsical – like something you would find in Professor Sprout’s greenhouse.

All you need is –

green crochet hat – fake greenery for top of hat – fake greenery/flowers for pot – terra cotta pot – hot glue and gun – needle/thread – white paint and paint brush –

And to make it you need about an hour.

  1. Sew the greenery on top of the hat
  2. To make the terra cotta pot look vintagy – water down the white paint, brush it all over the terra cotta pot, then wipe it off
  3. Once that dries, hot glue the rest of the greenery randomly over the terra cotta pot
  4. Put hat on baby, put baby in pot, and giggle all night!

The print I chose not to put on the pot because I think it looks more like the ones in the movie. Ha! And the greenery just makes it look cooler in my opinion.



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