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the one with a maternity capsule

Hey friends! Before I officially, officially leave for a couple weeks of full maternity leave I wanted to tell you all about my maternity capsule. I figured it was best to do so while it was fresh on my mind. I’ll try to keep this under 1000 words. Here we go . .  .

I love fashion and am more of a fashion blogger than anything else ( i consider myself a lifestyle blogger). But I did not want to spend a ton of money on pregnancy clothes. Nor did I want to completely replace my closet. So doing a maternity capsule was the obvious option. I really only had 1 concern – how much weight would I gain and where would I gain it? There were three things I did to prepare for that . . .

1. I did not just buy bigger sizes. I bought real maternity clothes with full panels, stretchy sides, and elastics waists.

2. I waited until the second trimester (when the belly came)  to start my capsule. I used the belly band, hair tie trick, and long tanks to stretch my pre pregnancy wardrobe until I just couldn’t.

3.   I took some risks with sizing up and embraced side ruching as soon as possible.  you can find all the tips and tricks I used to make one big purchase of maternity pictures last in my favorites posts ( 1st, 2nd, 3rd).

Once I had my plan to combat the weight gain, I needed the plan for what clothes and the rules. The factors I took into consideration were the climate while I would be pregnant, my job, and my fun activities. The answers for me are spring and summer – I live in Florida, I work from home for myself and can wear what I want every day, we go to church once a week, have dinner with friends 1 or 2 times a week, go to the beach, and have dates once a week. Anything other than that was going to be a special occasion.

As for the rules, 36 pieces that are my entire wardrobe. A lot of times with other capsules not repeating outfits is important, but since mine lasted 6ish months I wasn’t worried about that. The 36 pieces do not include workout, leisure, shoes, or accessories. Since I live in Florida and don’t have to worry about dressing for an office, I wanted easy, casual pieces that I could dress up easily. Those pieces needed to be modest and good for cooler weather. A lot of them also needed to cover me completely because of the bugs in Florida. Now the fun part . . . what I chose . . .


maternity capsule

growing tiny humans graphic tee . napping for two tank . orange off the shoulder dress/tunic . beige lace bell sleeved dress . black tank top . black dress . grey striped lace top . blazer . cardigan . military jacket . kimono . shirred tanks (navy,stripes) . floral gauze tank . chiffon hem top . teal maxi dress . yellow tank dress . olive shorts . full panel short shorts . full panel bermuda shorts .  black pants .  leggings . full panel jeans

*As of October 1st these are still available (just maybe not in the color I chose).*

Changes I’d make if . . . 

I worked a full time job: I have had a job before where there was a dress code. so I know the changes I’d make. Instead of 3 pair of shorts, I’d exchange one of the shorter pair for another pair of dressier pants or a skirt. I’d also exchange 2 of the plain tank tops for plain t shirts. Cotton ones with ruching on the sides that can be easily accessorized with dress pants or over a dress. I’d do 4 dressier tops, 2 plain tanks, 2 plain t shirts, 2 graphic tees. The black graphic tee with black pants could have been worn to my old desk jobs. But if you can’t I’d have 3 plain t shirts and 1 graphic tee.

I needed clothes for fall or lived in a cooler climate: I’ve only lived in Florida for 2 years and the rest of my life was spent in Indiana. We saw the depths of all 4 seasons there. So I do know what would be needed. Maybe not for like Colorado in the winter, but I have an idea. If I lived somewhere that the end of my pregnancy would be in cooler temps here’s what I’d exchange. (think second trimester summer, 3rd trimester fall in a place that gets cool) 2 pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts, 2 pair of dressier pants. For tops, I would have 4 dressier tops – with sleeves, 2 plain tanks, 2 plain t shirts, and 2 graphic tees.

Winter:  I always thought being pregnant in winter would suck. But being pregnant in Florida in Summer . . . I’m open to winter right now. So if my pregnancy would be fall to winter or winter to spring here’s what I’d do. (2nd or 3rd trimester in December, January, February) For pants: 1 pair of shorts (just in case), 2 pair of jeans, 2 pair of dressier pants, 1 pair of leggings, 4 dresses (mostly shorter ones with tights). Instead of a kimono I’d probably add a heavier knit cardigan, but I feel torn on that. Tops 4 dressier – 2 long sleeves, 2 short sleeves – 2 heavy sweaters, 3 plain tops with short sleeves, and 1 graphic tee.

Now the important question . . . did it work? Amazingly well! I spent $200 on maternity clothes at around 14 weeks, and about $100 more on special items. I spent most of my days in shorts/leggings and a tank with some simple accessories admittedly. But if I had worked out of the home I would have spent most of my time in those easy dresses. Accessories were my best friends to change things up and keep my style in things. I never felt limited, and it was never my clothes that made me feel uncomfortable about anything.

I only have a little more than 100 words to go so I’m going to shut up now. If you have any questions let me know, and I’ll answer them as soon as I can. I’ll be back soon to tell you all about the best day of my life. And i’ll be sure to share his Halloween costume 🙂 1001 words, damn.


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