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We toured the hospital about a month ago. For my prone to anxiety self it was nice to see where I’d be. But I realized my husband will have a lot of stuff to carry around. So I’m trying really hard not to over pack for the hospital. We’ll be there 3ish days, and neither my husband nor I will be leaving at all. Well,  we have discussed him going home to sleep if he’s not sleeping at all. I’m not a tyrant. But I want to be sure all 3 of us are comfortable no matter what happens. I’m notorious for over packing and being over prepared. First time mom jokes get on my nerves so this could be bad. It’s also impossible not to acknowledge that I have no idea what will happen once I’m in the hospital.

My goal is to have everything in one carry on suit case and a backpack. So here’s what i’m packing for the hospital . . .

hospital packing

In the carry-on –


  • 2 days of pajamas/comfy clothes (nursing sleep dresses, leggings/tanks)
  • robe
  • I hate wearing socks, so I’m bring some simple flip flops to wear around the hospital
  • 2 nursing bras and 4/5 pair of undies I can throw away later
  • outfit to go home – they say I’ll be about the size I was at 6 months. So I’m taking a simple black dress I’ve worn my whole pregnancy that’s very comfortable, but looks nice. If I have a c section it won’t hurt my incision either. I’m also taking some cute sandals, simple studs, and a simple necklace for pictures!
  • toiletry bag – I prefer to use my own things so I’m taking – shampoo/condition, body wash, face wipes, eye cream, moisturizer, tooth brush/paste, floss, mouth wash, brush, hair ties, body lotion, simple makeup (foundation, concealer, blush, lip gloss, mascara), lip balm, deo
  • labor/post partum bag – tums, gum, nursing pads, lanolin cream, stool softener, witch hazel spray, peppermint essential oil, clary sage essential oil, hand held rolling back massager, – thunder pads will be courtesy of the wonderful hospital
  • wallet (id and insurance info), phone (with playlist for labor on it) and charger, camera and charger, notebook/pen – I’ll be pre-registered for the hospital already and the babies birth certificate paperwork is included in that and then the nurses help us finish it after birth. Our ob, pediatrician, and insurance info is in our phones so we can call them once he’s born to have him added and get appointments scheduled.
  • 3 nurses gifts


  • 2 receiving blankets – I plan to do skin to skin as much as possible in the hospital so all he’ll need is receiving blankets. I want a couple of ours for cute pictures.
  • 4 outfits – 1 to come home in and 1 for fun! 2 for 7-8 lbs and 2 for 8-10 lbs. There’s a good chance he’ll be a big baby so I want to be prepared for all sizes 🙂
  • our own diaper cream and bath soap because I’m picky.  – diapers, extra blankets, wipes, other toiletries I’ll use the hospitals.


  • 2 entire outfits
  • gum/snacks/quarters for vending machine
  • pillows and blankets
  • phone and charger, ipad and charger
  • deo, face wipes, shower essentials
  • pillow and blanket
  • birthing ball – he gets this on his list because he insists on taking ours and not using the hospitals.
  • list of important things to do after birth so we don’ forget
  • list of people to be sure we call and send pictures too once we’re in post partum

So that’s what i’m packing for the hospital! I’ll be back after Jack to let you know what I actually used!

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