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the one with Rihanna

With closets full of clothes and designers begging them to wear their designs, celebrities are great fashion inspiration. But the normal girl doesn’t have those same opportunities, or closet size, or that kinda cash. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t use that inspiration the celebs so freely give. Once a month, here at the niche I feature a celeb in a rockin’ outfit – one i would wear in real life. But at real girl stores and real girl prices. We can be the inspiration for each other sometimes, right!? This months chosen celeb is Rihanna.



I’ve wanted to use Rihanna as inspiration before, but her style can be out there. I’m sure we all remember the dress of just strings of rhinestones. But I like her creativity when it comes to style and how she doesn’t hold back or conform. Being who we are is a message I definitely get behind especially when it comes to fashion. To be 100% honest, she’s been put on the back burner for the past couple months because of the rumors of her and Leo. b**** can have her money when she gives me my boyfriend back. jk,jk,jk Well, she’s wearing matching lavender outfits with Drake now and wearing killer outfits like this so I couldn’t ignore her anymore.


boyfriend shirt . asos jeans . ankle strap heels . bag . layered necklace


Loose boyfriend shirts are about to be my best friend once this baby comes. Here Riri shows us how to style it up and still look lady like and sexy. That red lip and black nails are the perfect beauty choices as well. What do you think – can you still find inspiration from someone whose style is usually pretty out there?

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