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Hey friends! I hope you’re having a great week! I’m excited to tell you about a new website that I found recently –! But first I have to tell you a story. . .

2nd grade- 7 years old is the average age to start second grade. That’s when I started wearing a b cup bra. In middle school, I started playing soccer and had to put a sports bra over a regular bra to keep the C cups down. I’ll skip the horror of what I had to do when they grew to DD in high school and college. I wish I could stop there, but now that I don’t play soccer every day I have gained weight. Of course, some of the weight is in my breasts. In the past few years, my weight has averaged out (I even started losing), and the girls are staying at a DDD.

They’re heavy, and my back hurts almost everyday. My biggest worry with pregnancy is that they will grow even more. My biggest worry with breastfeeding is that it’s a lost cause before we even begin because of how big they are. Scott even asked during our breastfeeding classes – “Are there some mountains just too big for the baby to climb?” Funny, and you might think I’d be offended, but this has been my life since I was 7 years old.


The answer is no by the way.

Today – Someway, somehow, the grace of God, my boobs have stayed the same size my whole pregnancy. Some days they’re a little ‘swollen’, but so far no growth. All my old bras still fit!! But now that I’m 8 months pregnant, breastfeeding is right around the corner. The doctors and breastfeeding consultants have all told me I should be good to go ahead and buy nursing bras that fit now. Since I love to be prepared, that’s a relief. Especially since I have to find nursing bras big enough, supportive enough, not $100 a piece, and maybe even a little sexy.


Places like motherhood maternity and playtex size their nursing bras differently than normal bras, and those sizes take into consideration that most women have larger breasts while pregnant and breastfeeding. So I had no idea where to begin. I might even fit into an XL, you guys!! Plus, you can buy the popular brands at all major department stores – nordstrom, macy’s, jc penny’s. That’s where octer comes in!

From their website – Octer‘s aim is to make online shopping as simple as possible for all devices, whether you’re browsing on your smartphone, tablet or desktop.


That’s what they did for me! All I had to do was search for nursing bras. Then I could compare all the stores, all the reviews, all the size charts, and all the prices! It couldn’t have been simpler, and now I’ve got a good start on the nursing essentials to fit the girls. The only thing that I’d love to see added is a simpler way place to see what the price is at each store.

The top picture shows the bra I purchased. The picture also shows it’s for sale at Macy’s. I knew from other bras I had looked at with octer that Nordstrom was having a huge sale. So I searched for the bra I wanted at Nordstrom. Nordstrom had it listed much cheaper with the sale price. Octer does a great job of consolidating all the items available at department stores. I would just find it even better if they also showed sale prices. But I guess that’s what Friday posts and huge fashion blogs are for tho, right!?

Have you used octer or a site like it? Which ones are your favorites? Do you think they’re helpful?


* sponsored this post, however all opinions and stories are true to Bex.*

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