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Now that I’m well into the 3rd trimester of my first pregnancy I decided to look back through all the outfits from April through June (well end of April through beginning of July), and share my second trimester favorites. You can find the first trimester favorites, and some tips for dressing your expanding belly here.

outfit details

outfit details

outfit details

outfit details

outfit details

I really found my footing and energy in the second trimester. The outfits and the posts were all just better. I felt better as well which is great – my husband says it’s most important, but he doesn’t have a blog. Here’s some tips that helped me with the second trimester . .

1. Buy all the maternity clothes. I’ve seen and heard from many other women say to just buy a size up, and yes that does work. However, if you push it with those clothes you’ll stretch them out anyway. So why not spend that money on clothes that are made to shape and show off that belly!? You need to embrace the belly because it ain’t going anywhere.

2. Skinny belts are your new best friend. At the beginning of the second trimester, it’ll help define the belly when it’s barely visible. Near the end it’ll help define the belly in the not form fitting clothes.

3. If you buy maternity clothes that don’t have the elastic on the side to help them expand, buy a size bigger than you currently need. That way you can wear it until the end of your pregnancy. I did that on many things, and I still have plenty of room to grow in those pieces. The first top is an example so you can see I don’t swim in it. If I would have bought that top in my regular maternity size (M) it would be getting tight at this point, and since there’s no stretch would not have made it to the end of September.

4. Don’t buy shoes that you can’t get on easily. I’d also add don’t spend a lot on shoes when you do buy them. Yes, your feet might swell, but mostly it just sucks to bend over. Sliding shoes on is the only way to go. My feet have honestly not changed much, but I’ve heard they can change quite a bit and grow during pregnancy. So these shoes you’re buying may not fit when you’re all said and done.

5. Buy really good maternity/nursing basics. Bras, undies, nursing cami’s. You’ll be wearing these for awhile so buy them up and buy quality pieces.

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    Seriously, you are glowing. Love your pregnancy style!

    July 25, 2016 at 10:48 am
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