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the one about traveling while pregnant

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I pride myself on getting through the airport quickly and efficiently. Traveling is just another opportunity for me to show off my organization and time management skills. Before the newer airlines started giving incentives for checking luggage, I NEVER paid to check. Even for our 10 day honeymoon in another country. I HATE TSA. So I get through there as quick as possible and run away. The only reason I get to the airport more than an hour and a half before my flight is if it’s a busy season, and the lines will be long. I was determined this past month that just because I was pregnant the way I handle traveling would not change. I’m happy to report they did not for the most part. I flew out at 6:55 got to the airport at 5:40 and was at my gate with dinner at 6:15.

But let’s talk about how pregnancy did affect my travels. Tropical Storm Collin was hanging out in Florida on my way home, and while he might not have done much on land (at least where I live), he was a force to be reckoned with in the sky. I know why they make you wear your seat belt, and why they give you bags to throw up in now. My hands and feet which have handled pregnancy so well, almost doubled in size – probably an exaggeration- but I could feel the skin stretching on my feet so it feels accurate.

I did not wear this outfit while traveling this go round, but I would highly recommend it. It’s super comfortable, and will stretch with your growing belly. Bonus, the shirt lets everyone know why your row stinks just a little more than the others. Just pick some better shoes that don’t squeeze your ankles.

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    Love the shirt! Such a cute outfit 🙂

    Edye |

    June 13, 2016 at 2:27 pm
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