the one with May’s wishlist

When all of your money is supposed to be saved for the baby growing in your belly you find yourself wanting everything else. Especially when a few of your friends are getting married and get to make registries for all the fun house things. I was married after I had already lived on my own for awhile so I took advantage and registered for upgrades and a lot of the weird or completely unnecessary things. You know where the perfect place for all those things are . . . anthropology. So for may’s wishlist . . . it’s all unnecessary kitchen things from anthropology. Sorry not sorry.


mimira serving bowl . How many of us actually use our serving dishes other than the holidays? not I. so do I need more than enough for christmas dinner. no. do i want some in every color. yes.

whale cutting board. It’s a whale. It’s a whale.

dishtowel . When we got married I could never get away with florals, but he stopped paying attention about a year ago.

copper hanging colander . My husband hates our current colander – the holes are too big he says. So maybe we could compromise and get a fancy new one.

silverware . We actually do lose forks and knives like it’s a game. A game we’re obviously winning. So we do need new ones . . . do we need new polka dotted ones made of sterling silver. Considering the speed at which we lose them, obviously.

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