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Life updated April 15th

Life has been pretty boring lately, but my mom said I never tell her what’s going on in life. So here’s a quick little life update April 15th! What’s going on with you?

  1. My sister came to see my last week during my nephews spring break, and it was super glorious. Just a couple days spent at the beach, laughing with my sister, and watching her drink a couple cocktails. A little break was perfect 🙂 and I guess it was good to see my seester

2. Still very much pregnant. And I love it. Sure I’m tired a lot and there’s lots of weird symptoms, but it’s mostly the best knowing my sweet boy is growing inside me. Second trimester update was up on the blog yesterday 🙂

3. Fun fact, I’ve played the piano since I was about 10ish – maybe younger I can’t remember. I’ve never played in a band or even in public for the last 10 years, but recently I’ve pulled it out again. I’m even playing in a band with some friends. It’s been a great way to keep myself motivated, creative, and my brain flowing lately 🙂

4. Living in a sleepy beach town means winter and spring break makes everything and everywhere super busy. I’m so glad it’s all over, ya’ll. I’m ready to have my sleepy beach town back and no lines at the movie theater.

5. Just gonna leave this here because what’s a life update without a Leo update. Nothing . . . it is nothing.



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