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 I’m trying really hard to have a healthy pregnancy – be active, eat right, etc. My mom had 4 kids and didn’t gain more than 20 pounds with any of her pregnancies. So my goal is to stay somewhere in that realm . . . and hopefully, that means I’ll be able to expand my wardrobe  for a few more months. With the help of a hair tie, and my belly band, of course. I’m just entering my 2nd trimester, but Jack has popped out with a little baby bump already. So I need some help with some of my tighter pants already. Enter the belly band . . . it’s great walking around with my pants unbuttoned all the time you guys. Jack and I are both so comfortable. We even spent a whole day at Disney with our friends Liz and Ashley – pants unbuttoned the whole time. Guys, pregnant Bex has no shame. Just because I’m trying to stretch my wardrobe doesn’t mean I’m not buying a few new things. Like my new t-shirt here. I ordered a couple sizes up so I can wear it for most of my pregnancy because it’s the TRUTH. Growing a tiny human is so exhausting.

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