5 things, March 2016

Let’s chat about 5 things happening in life here on the first day of April, shall we . . .


I’m sort of obsessed with hexagons/honeycombs, and I’m trying to find a way to incorporate some into my house. Now do I make them or just buy these.

I relate to this article so much. I hate being pigeon holed and people making assumptions about me just because of certain aspects of my life. I have nothing against millennials – I’m friends with quite a few – but I am not one. And the differences between me and those friends prove that.


Still in love with my green skirt from Monday and wearing it almost daily (except for the one day a week where I wash it).


If you haven’t watched New Girl, please start now. If not because it’s a great show then watch it for Nick Miller. I tell you these things and then I get real concerned that I’m the only person in the world who likes these shows and you’re all going to hate them and think I’m nuts and stop reading my blog. That’s classic Nick Miller, really.

Today in baby things, I bought the baby a hat at Disney world- it’s a peter pan hat because he’s a he. And now pinterest and the search for peter pan newborn is all my life consists of. That and tears.

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