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One of the more annoying things about living in Florida is everyone expects you to be tan year round. Like the weather is nice all the time so why aren’t you at the beach every day. . . why is your skin the color of a ghost? First things first, it is pretty nice weather all the time. And even on the bad days it’s nothing like it was back (home again) in Indiana. HOWEVER, in January and February that ocean wind is cold, that water is freezing . . . there is no reason for me to go the beach. Therefore no reason for the sun to hit my legs – no reason to be tan. So these pictures are proof that a ghost lives in Florida . . . I mean you don’t have to be tan to live here.

This jacket and I have a very long, very loving relationship. I bought it about 7 years ago at Target, on clearance for $8. And it is the perfect jacket. It hits just right, has a little bit of edge and detail so it’s not just a basic faux leather jacket. It’s chic, it’s classic, it’s fun . . . and it’s starting to fall apart from being worn by a ghost every day for 7 years. I’m devastated.

Do you have a piece of clothing you love this much?

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