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5 pieces 1 outfit : spring beach

Spring break is right around the corner for many college kids, and a month or so away for all those in high school. If it’s not in March for you then I apologize for bring it up. With a march birthday half of my spring breaks started or involved my birthday and it was pretty glorious! No one wants to go to school on their birthday no matter how many cupcakes you get to eat in class. I almost always had a great excuse not to go so thanks for getting knocked up in June mom. For most people though, spring break means beach vacations and a little break from the cold. So for all the moms out there and the girls in need of new clothes that means it’s time to go shopping in preparation for spring weather and beach trips. To help I’ve brought together some of my favorite beachwear for this edition of 5 pieces, 1 outfit.



sunglasses . tote . flip flops . coverup . suit

I’m really feeling patterns and bright colors this season. Its the perfect time to bring in one of the colors of the year – serenity – or light blue as I like to call it. This cover-up and beach bag are the perfect way to do so. What are you wearing for spring break this year?

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