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the one with homemade blackhead remover

Over on My Crafty Spot today I’m talking about one of my favorite beauty diy’s – shower jellies. I love lush products, but I can’t always afford them. DIY shower jellies are the perfect match for me and girls like me! They’re quick, easy and just as wonderful as they’re lush inspiration.


To make them you need plain gelatin – what in the world else do I use plain gelatin for? I looked up several recipes, and decided to use another one of the packets for another beauty related diy. The one I decided on was a homemade blackhead remover! I don’t have a lot of blackheads, and the ones I have are all on my nose. So no need to spend a bunch of money, right!? To make the blackhead remover all you need is two tablespoons of milk and one sachet of colorless and flavorless gelatin. Heat the milk and pour the gelatin sachet, then stir continuously until the substance is completely mixed. Once you have finished mixing, the resulting substance can be applied to areas where you have blackheads and leave it on the skin until it dries and hardens. Finally, pull the pore strip carefully in order to remove blackheads. Before you make this mask the skin should be clean and you can keep your head over a hot pot of water for steam to open the pores.

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