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I know a lot of you have health goals for the new year or have it as a part of your word of the year. How are your goals going? It’s the beginning of February so hopefully, you’re still going strong. February is when a lot of people fizzle out . . . those that are still left. I’m hoping none of you have fizzled out. Mine is simply to just be more active. I hate working out, and ,like most, it means I’m not active enough. So my goal this year is to just get more activities in. I can go walking, swimming, play soccer, whatever I please just as long as it’s active. There’s part of me that likes being lazy so I have to find weird things to motivate me. Looking cute is one of those things that motivate me, and old navy is the place I go to get my active wear. The yoga pants are the bomb, and they have this amazing fabric that keeps you dry. But I’ve recently discovered that the shorts are just as amazing. I’ve loaded up on a few pair and I basically just live in them.

What is your favorite place to get active wear?

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