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Yesterday we talked about this year’s color of the year – well one of the two –  rose quartz. So it’s only fitting that today I’m finaly wearing the color out and about in real life. This shirt looks like just your usual tee, but it’s the softest material . . . seriously it’s the best shirt ever. I slept init  a couple nights, which might have ruined it’s wearability. But it was worth it because it is the softest material ever. Target just nails it every time, guys. #targetdoesitagain By the way they now have a crab pillow which we all need to match our lobster pillows.

Anyways, this scarf I’m a little disappointed in. I love it, and when the few days pass in Florida where we can wear scarves it is pulled out. But it’s marketed as a blanket scarf, and it needs about 5 more inches to be a blanket scarf. So I’m a little disappointed. Old navy made it up to me with these shoes, though. They were on my Christmas list, and my mama pulled through and got ’em for me. Mama’s are the best. Mine shares a favorite color with me, purple, so she bought me the purplish color instead of the black. It’s actually more of a dark rose quartz color. Perfect for 2016

Have you worn this years color of the year yet?

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  • Reply Faith

    I love this outfit, especially that scarf. I still need to get one. And right now in the freezing cold weather is when would be the perfect time to wear it.. 🙂

    January 21, 2016 at 10:22 am
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