the one with 2015 in review

Hey friends! Happy 2016! Today I’m sitting here reflecting on 2015, and the big year that it was. I’m even making plans to make 2016 even bigger . . . Here’s 5 of my favorite things that happened in 2015


We moved to Florida. It’s still crazy to say it out loud. It’s been an incredible adventure, and has changed our lives in more than just a geographical sense. We’re healthier and happier . . . we’re just better people. It’s hard to be away from family and friends, but the move has been an extremely good thing.


Remember how I said up above we’re healthier and happier . . . I wasn’t kidding. My whole life I’ve struggled with my weight and having the discipline to eat better, exercise, all those things we’re supposed to do. But in 2015, I’ve actually found that discipline. I’ve gotten better about my habits, and I’ve lost 40 lbs. I still have a long way to go to reach my goal weight, and it’s not easy. December has been hard for many reasons, but mostly because of cookies. But in 2015 I found the discipline, and I’ll continue it on in 2016.


Another great thing about Florida . . . Harry Potter Land. I call it Harry Potter Land, at least. The land is just as life changing as the books, especially your first time. I got to enjoy my first time this year with two of the best.


One best friend had a frickin babay you guys. A babay! She’s the best, and she smells delicious, and her name is Kierstyn. Gees I’m so pumped. Being an aunt is the best.


The other best friend got frickin married in 2015. And it was one of the best days I’ve had. So happy or her and look at this perfect picture we have of the two of us together now.

What are your favorite things from 2015?

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  • Reply Jo-Anne

    Oh what a great year it was here’s hoping 2016 is also awesome

    January 1, 2016 at 10:35 pm
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