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the one with the top outfits of 2015

As the year comes to a close, I was really curious as to what my top outfits were in the past 365 days as per you guys. So I checked out which ones were viewed the most, and decided to share them here! I have to say I was pretty surprised! The outfits with my favorite pictures made the cut, but a couple outfits I thought would be loved were not viewed nearly as much as these guys! Along with each outfit I’ve got some behind the scenes stuff, and my thoughts on the outfits. I hope you enjoy this flashback as much as I did!

Copy of bexpurple7

This one I knew would be here mostly because Nina did such an amazing job on my hair, and on these pictures. But this outfit is also a favorite of mine that I wear at least once a week. It’s comfortable and cute and versatile.

Copy of IMG_0756

This one was a little surprising because this dress has been sold out for a long time. While posting this, I thought for sure people would be upset about it, but a friend told me it was to cute not to share.


this one was my favorite of the year! It took a skirt that I was considering throwing away and made it wearable again for me. So thanks knotted maxi outfit and dollar tree aviators!


this hat still has my heart and always will. also my husband and I argued through this entire shoot, but some of my favorite pictures of myself came from it, and those earrings are the only things I’ve ever bought from rocksbox.


So here’s what happened with this outfit. I bought this jacketed . . . loved it . . . put it on for a date night . . . took great pictures . . . wore the outfit for date night . . . hate the outfit. Seriously, I hate this outfit. will never wear it again. separately sure . . . but never this outfit ever again. I also feel like my face looks weird.

There ya have it! the top outfits from butchers niche in 2015! any of your favorites not make the cut?

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