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5 pieces volume 5 – the French wardrobe

It’s volume 5 of my 5 pieces series, and I’m super pumped about it. Why? All over this here space called the internet lately they’ve been talking about ‘The French Wardrobe’. The French wardrobe for those of you who haven’t heard has 2 rules . . . 1 have the basics (find those here) 2 add 5 pieces each season. Different than my 5 pieces series, but the same general concept! You don’t need layers and layers of clothes to make a cute outfit! So for today’s 5 pieces I wanted to show you 5 pieces to make a cute outfit from the basics.


silk blouse . black ankle boot . ponte pants . trench coat . leather clutch

I don’t want to call this a basic outfit because it not. I really hate using the word basic as an adjective anyway. I am not a basic white girl and neither are you – I am unique, individual woman and so are you. We are not basic, we are not the same just because we like plaid. And this outfit may come from a list labeled as basics to always keep in your wardrobe, but it is anything but ordinary. Just look at those accents on the pants, and the cutouts on the purse! What’s your favorite way to wear the basics?

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