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the one with Christmas wrapping and hallmark

I love brown paper packages tied up with string. As cheesy as it sounds, it tis true. My husband says it’s why love Christmas so much . . . I only think about the brown paper packages and string I get to buy and wrap. But it’s really just something about seeing all the packages wrapped up under the tree, and thinking about how much love is being shown in your home amongst your family and friends. This year though . . . all my packages get to be transported with me on an airplane 1100 miles north. BUT thanks to Hallmark, my packages will still be cute, festive, and look like the love they are filled with!


I always like to add a little something, something to my brown paper packages . . . like a chalkboard tag with their name written super cool. Or a HUGE bow wrapped around it in a fun color. I always like to go for pink or mint sometimes even ice blue – pastels of Christmas colors 🙂 Yup, I know it’s werid, but my fam bam has come to expect it and love it.


But since all my packages have to go on an airplane this year, and then be wrapped quickly on Christmas Eve Hallmark is pulling through for me yet again. Their wrapping paper is AMAZING! Just look at this navy wrapping paper I’m using! They also have a super cool package that comes wiht 4 kinds of plaid. My mama picked those up and I may have to steal some of it for a little change up while I’m at home. All I need to make pretty packages is the wrapping paper and some string. Gold foil string, of course, because this isn’t a barn (unless it’s a pretty barn with chandeliers and candles, then yes, this is in fact a barn).

This season Hallmark has pulled though for me numerous times! With quick and asy gifts, to the perfect thought out gifts, and now even the wrapping. Are they your one stop shop this holiday season?

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