Friday Favorites 11/20

so much has been happening in life recently that I figured I owed you guys an update. really I just like to talk about myself because, well, I am a blogger – and I finally have enough pictures to back up my exciting life. I don’t take as many pictures as I used to since we moved to Florida for some reason, but I recently went home to Indiana for a week.

          I know you’ve seen so many pictures of fall foliage that you wanted to see another. guys, there’s not a lot of fall foliage in Florida so I was pumped for this . . .

fall foliage

          the bestie gets married TOMORROW!! tomorrow . . . next week i’ll have a run down of the bachelorette bash and her wedding. It’s sure to be glamorous 🙂


it’s been a few months since yo guys have seen my favoritest little girl, but I got to spend lots of time with her recently. She’s gonna be 6 on Sunday. That’s insane to me. I can’t even explain how much I miss spending a full weekend with her and her brother every month and seeing movies and eating pizza. So Thursday I took them out of school and we did just that 🙂


still loving all my star wars stuff from hallmark. you guys should seriously go check all their stuff out.

next week is thanksgiving, and i’m super pumped for the best time of the year. we’ll be in here with my brothers family. spending the holiday in warm weather will certainly be weird, but at least I get to see family!


What’s been going on in your life lately – i’d love to hear!?


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