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the one with festive holiday foods

Festive foods are the best foods in my book. I love some brightly colored foods that remind me of the holiday’s and taste delicious. Don’t worry, they aren’t considered festive if they don’t taste good. But they aren’t considered festive if they aren’t pretty, and maybe even a little awkward to eat. Festive foods, well, they’re just more fun to eat, and I’m probably having more fun while eating them. I’ve contributed to some other friends blogs recently, and I’ve shared all the festive holidays foods. Of course, I wanted to share with you because you guys are my favorites.


First up is this pretty (And delicious) fall salad. Every holiday meal starts with a salad, right. I’ve often wondered why. Like who cares about a salad when you’ve got all that starch and pie to eat . . . So if I’m gonna spend time on a salad it’s gonna be delicious. This pomegranate fall salad is the ticket.


And second is an easy recipe that’s perfect for brunch or even to give out as gifts, cranberry bread. I love to bake, but I hate spending time on baking homemade. I just don’t have the patience. This recipe is the perfect match for all that.

What are some of your favorite festive foods?

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