High Five for Friday 6/12

I figured it was about damn time I did one of these bad boys. Lots has happened since the last one. The biggest part of life recently is the week long trip to Indiana Iron Man and I just got back from. AND we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. After this month I can officially round up and say we’ve been together for 5 years. I’ve been waiting for this to happen for 5 years.

Considering we just got back from a trip home, if you expected anything other than a full post of nieces and nephews you came to the wrong place. Because High Five for Friday 6/12 is full of them . . .


1. That’s one of my best gals up there, and she’s havin’ my baby on Christmas Day. Not really my baby, that’s physically impossible. Also, the plan is before Christmas Day. But it’s gonna be a new little niece or nephew for me to love on and I’m SO EXCITED! I’m pretty sure it’s a girl, so it’s probably gonna be a boy.


2. Speaking of new little babies, Iron Man has finally contributed a niece to our bunch. He’s super pumped about it, and you can see from his proud face in this picture. Her name is Stella and she hails from his best guy Drew and wifey Tiffany (who introduced my husband and I). She coos and eats a lot, and we love her a lot.

3. Speaking of proud aunties and uncles, this guy. I can’t. Yes, he really is related to me. I’m positive it all comes from his mama (my sister in law). Follow him for more fun


4. and me and the homie are chillin in Flo Rida for the week. He’s so pumped about daily ice cream.


5. This lady is called Faith. I met her almost a year ago at Influence and she has been such a blessing. She came to see me last month, and then I got to see her again when we were home.

How has your life been lately?

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