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Organizations and routine are in my blood. They are a part of who I am. It’s deep, and it’s personal. I know nerdy. So after moving down here to Florida jobless, I knew what I needed was goals and a schedule each day. I really love to hear other peoples schedules and read posts about what they’re up to each day. So today I wanted to share my current Monday through Friday schedule . . .

6:30 – Today I actually did what I always plan to do and got up in time to post to my favorite link ups early. It only takes 5-10 minutes every morning and being one of the first blogs in the link ups is so helpful. But at 630 in the morning you can’t always convince me it’s worth it. We’re a one car family so I have to take the hubs to work about 7:30. I have this irrational fear that I’ll get pulled over in my pj’s and then get in even more trouble, so I take time to make sure I look/smell appropriate. This doesn’t happen everyday, and as you can see behind me the bed is usually not made because I hate making the bed.


8 – I get back home between 8/8:30. Sometimes I’ve taken breakfast with me and did some devotional time by the beach. But some days, like today, I go back home. Breakfast and a little devotional then some yoga to loosen my tight hips.

8:30 – bloggin’ time. I have a little to do list of things I want to accomplish every day for the blog so I hit that first. Then I just read and comment on as many others as I can without wasting my morning reading all the blogs.


10 – I’ve been sitting for a while other than my yoga so I take this time to do things that require standing. Today it’s a load of laundry and cleaning the bathroom. I’m a neat freak so I take a little time everyday to clean and pickup. I know I’m nuts.

10:30 – I take about a 2 hour block of time each morning and each afternoon to work. Right now I’m in major business planning mode. Today I’m working on a business plan and photographing some things for the separate Etsy shop that’ll open soon.

12 – lunch time! I make myself some lunch and get my husbands lunch for the next day ready. then I sit and watch some TV (the walking dead because Daryl Dixon) and enjoy my lunch for a bit. While making lunch I realized it’s time to go to the grocery so I also made a meal plan for the next two weeks – which always leads to Pinterest searching. Since I’m on the computer anyway I check my email, social media, etc to see if I need to respond to anyone.

1:20 – This time after lunch is different every day. It really just depends on what I have going on. If I have an errand to run this is when I go. I have a couple crafty projects I want to get started so today it’s a run to the home depot.


2:30 – I have a class on photoshop now. I taught myself a lot of the basics last year, but I want to be able to do more especially with the business I’m planning.

4 – time to go get Iron Man. Every night but date night we to the gym so I change clothes, grab his gym back, and make us a snack before leaving. On date nights, I put on some makeup, do my hair, and put on next weeks blog featured outfit so he can take pictures before we go to dinner.

5:30 – Iron man and I made it to the gym. I have bad knees so treadmills and I aren’t friends – the bike it is. Sometimes I’ll go lift weights with Scott, but today I just don’t feel like it.

FullSizeRender (1)

6:45 – dinner time! 4 days a week we keep it simple and healthy with protein shakes for dinner so I make those and get some dishes done while Scott showers. After we eat, I’ll shower.

8 – After dinner is when he decompresses from his day. So I stay out of his way by finishing up any computer work that needs done – blog/work/class/house – or sometimes I’ll do some beauty stuff like a mask, tweeze, or paint my nails. Sometimes I just sit and read a good book. Today it’s sort of a mix of it all.


9 -Scott and I always make sure we have some time set aside each day to spend together. So we’re sure to put away our computers and our books at 9 pm every night. We usually just watch TV, like today, we finished up house of cards. He gets up right at 630 so the lights are out by 11 every night – sometimes earlier.

That’s life right now. I know in a year or so when we start a family it will all change – believe me I am definitely not naive to that fact. So I want to take this time to take advantage and really work to thrive in this season. I hope that’s how our Lord sees our time. What’s your schedule like? Any tips or tricks for staying motivated?

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  • Reply Suz @ 2 cats & chloe

    Can you please come get me organized!! I love your day. I think it’s great that y’all make a point to set some time for each other!

    April 16, 2015 at 10:49 am
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