the one with a recipe roundup

The past month I’ve shared 4 different recipes on different blogs, and they’re all some of my favorites! So just in case you’ve missed them I wanted to share them all here in a sort of recipe roundup! And because I always choose favorites when it comes to food they’re in order of my favorites . . . at least for today.


1. I have a huge sweet tooth, but I’m one of those people that doesn’t like cake. I know . . . go ahead . . . Anyway . . . I’ll eat it, and enjoy it. But I much prefer something else like cookies or pie. So for my birthday I made these Rainbow Sprinkle Cheesecake Cookies!


2. There’s always an inward fight between sweet and savory for me. The sweet tooth usually wins . . . and the sugar headache later makes me regret it . . . but these Meatloaf Burgers have been making me choose savory over sweet much more lately.


3. Mornings have become one of those ritual things for me lately. I drop my husband off at work and then outside to do a little devotional before driving back home to have some breakfast and reflect on my devotion. Most mornings I just have a shake to keep it healthy, but Strawberry & Cream Croissants are my new special treat.

macncheesepin 3. First and foremost, I do know I need to take brillo pads to my casserole dish. Secondly, this Siracha baked mac n cheese is so, so good it makes it worth it to clean the pan. This would be my husbands favorite of the 4 new recipes.

What are you favorite recipes lately?

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