the one with 2014 in review

This year has been a year. It was neither extremely good nor extremely bad.  When you have the biggest year of your life, the year that follows has to be sort of let down, right? That was 2013 followed by 2014 for us. But it was not a let down; I would say it went much farther towards good – most definitely. Here’s a few highlights . . .


In January we rang in the new year at an amazing wedding! and then immediately got snowed in for 3 days. February continued the snow . . . 2014 was the 2nd snowiest winter ever on Indiana record. I never want to do that again.

bday mesean

March, iron man(my husband) turned the big 3-0 and I turned the still young and fabulous 28. I kid, I kid . . . he’s still as young and fine as ever especially his legs. April and May were spent in preparations for our vacation, and at the races (indycar to be clear)

4th race

June we celebrated our 1 year anniversary and headed to Fort Lauderdale. July we celebrated our great nation and BOUGHT A HOUSE! After blogging for a year I finally started joining in on the community behind it all.

FullSizeRender (2) diybattenboard photo (29) weboughtahouse

August we renovated that house and our marriage survived. #victory September we finally got to move in! The 9th month also took me to the life changing influence conference.

IMG_3739 IMG_3745


October and November were a wonderful beginning to the holidays. Halloween was our best yet! In November a lovely sisterhood was formed and for Thanksgiving I got to host my first official Thanksgiving at our new house with both sides of the family.

halloween rachel

And December, o December my favorite. you were good to Iron Man and Pepper. My bestie (that’s her up there) got engaged and christmas!

_DSC0329 _DSC0362 _DSC0407

I feel as if 2014 is ending on it’s highest note, and that note will continue into 2015. We’ll have Rachel’s wedding, another trip to Fort Lauderdale, hopefully some advances in my career, the finalization of some exciting advances in the hubs career, and prepping for me to turn 30 . . . which will hopefully bring all sorts of changes to our family 😉

Lots of changes, but this here blog will stay much the same. I hope that’s ok with all of you. Right now I blog 5-6 days a week and it truly is a life style blog that focuses more on style. Next year I plan to only be here 4-5 times a week and get more centered around style – while remaining a lifestyle blog. If that makes any sense at all . . . at least I know what I’m talking about.

I appreciate all of you so very much for coming here and reading what I have to say. My life has changed for the better since I finally joined the blogging community in July and it’s because of all of you. I feel welcomed and loved and I hope I help you feel the same.

Cheers to 2015 . . .

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  • Reply Cassie

    Your house is adorable! I need to know the story behind why you call your husband iron man! I love it.

    December 31, 2014 at 8:31 am
    • Reply Bex Stark

      It’s very simple . . . our last name is Stark – like Tony Stark. I thought it was sorta dorky to begin with, but then I started thinking of the ways he made my life better and realized he’s my superhero! <3 heart eyes <3

      December 31, 2014 at 10:30 am

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