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Hey you cute little friends of mine! I’ve missed you this week and I hope you had a wonderful holiday like iron man and I did. I’m just stopping by today to tell you about one of my new favorite products.

  Earlier this year I finally heard about all the good things that come with a facial mist. Silly me had thought they were just for cooling down or refreshing your face and I couldn’t see the point in that when i was always cold anyway and almost always have makeup on. But when I had a big wedding to go to I figured out that they help set, refresh and give a more natural look to your makeup! As I do with most beauty purchases, I turned to elf. With products I’m unsure about I like to make a minimal financial investment … If it works I’ll see if the pricier products are worth the investment if it doesn’t I’m not out much.

  Guess what … I loved it … And guess what else … The pricier versions are worth it … I loved my original mist which you can find here but when it ran out and I started using evian mineral spray I definitely saw some benefits I had missed out on.
1. Let’s start with the obvious … Yes it does refresh your skin. Feel hot, sticky, melty, … Give your self a little spray and you’ll feel much better
2. Not only does it refresh a muggy face but it can refresh your makeup. Sometimes even the longest lasting makeup just looks a little dull after awhile … Give yourself a little spray and your makeup will look like you just put it on.
3. Don’t have time to give yourself a refresh during the day … Then use the Evian mineral spray to set your makeup after you’ve just out it on. Not only will it stay in place all day long, but the spray will help the foundation set in to give it a more natural look.
4. In the winter my skin is extra dry … I use a special moisturizer for just the dry weather but once I started using Evian mineral spray after cleansing but before my moisturizer I can absolutely feel more hydration. I didn’t feel that with the other mists I’ve used.
5. The Evian mineral spray comes in an aerosol can (many sizes available) which gives it a wide mist so all you have to do is give it one circular spray and your whole face is covered … Beneficial and easy … Boom
6. My most recent and favorite discover is it helps some powder makeup products go on in a cream/wet formula. I have a just regular old mineral powder eye shadow  . . . I sprayed a little evian on my brush, dabbed the brush in the shadow and BOOM cream eye shadow.
 Evian mineral spray is in my must have products now, and I urge you all to try it!!
* brandbacker supplied me with s bottle of Evian mineral spray to review but all opinions are 100% my own*
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  • Reply Liz @ Baby Got B.A.

    I feel like I could use this in Florida. For reals.

    December 26, 2014 at 3:37 pm
  • Reply Leslie

    I feel as though I need this in my life. I’d love to have a facial every week if that was possible. I work at a car dealership and with all the crap in the air that floats in our offices, makes me cringe to think about it.

    December 26, 2014 at 5:19 pm
  • Reply Madison | Wetherills Say I Do

    I’ve never heard of this! I’ll definitely have to try it!

    January 10, 2015 at 6:52 pm
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