the one about the cleaver

Happy Halloween! The official start of the holiday season! Tomorrow Christmas music will come on in my house and there is nothing Iron Man can do but get ear plugs!! HOLLA!

I realized something on Thursday while talking to some blog friends . . . something I always assumed people knew, but as I was saying it out loud it hit me that most people don’t actually know. I’ve always thought I’m very open about my life here on the blog and do lots of personal posts, but the reaction of the 5 people I told was absolutely priceless and showed me that I don’t do as much as I think I do . . .

So for Friday 5 here’s 5 weird things you don’t know about Bex . . .


1. The one about the cleaver . . . Butcher is my maiden name. That’s where the blog name came from. I’m proud to be a Stark and represent my husband in that way, but I will always be a Butcher. For valentines day the year before we got married, Iron Man got me a tiny, dainty cleaver necklace which people tell me is creepy. A few notes about names – a. no one outside of blogging calls me Bex except my Mom. They call me Bekah and if you’re adorable and under the age of 18 you can call me Beky b. I changed my name in 7th grade to start going by my middle name. Krys . . . No one calls me that now either except my Mom. c. People do however call me Butcher. d. I don’t call him Iron Man in real life. His name is Scott, and he has a strong resemblance to Michael C Hall. Who played Dexter . . . who used a cleaver . . . this isn’t creepy at all . . .

Should I also mention my sarcasm . . .


2. I hated the color purple until about 7 years ago. I like to think in my head that I was a hipster before hipsters were real . . . that’s if a hipster is someone who dislikes something just for the sake of being different . . . so I ‘hated’ pink and purple until one day I decided I was over it and now I’m making up for lost time . . . PURPLE EVERYTHING


3. I know I’ve talked about my nieces and nephews a lot on the blog, but I’ve never really talked about where they come from . . . I have 2 sisters and a brother – in that order. Now here’s the kicker . . . They were 18,16, and 15 when I was born. My mom was 40 . . . I was a SURPRISE! My brother used to tell me my mom was very upset when she found out she was pregnant . . . like suicidal (this is not true) . . . oddly enough I am the typical kid sister that thinks he is the From them I have 5 nephews and 1 niece (who is very close to my age) – from her I have 2 great nephews and 1 great niece. They are the ones you see on here the most because the rest of them are teenagers and they are too cool for school.


4. Physical attributes :: my feet are usually crossed over one another and my left foot is always twirling . . . always. I also laugh like an old man. It’s either a little giggle, or I can’t control it. And if I can’t control it I will weeze – literally weeze – like an old man. I used to be so embarrassed, but now I think it’s the most awesome thing ever and it makes me laugh harder.


5. My biggest pet peeve is loud chewers. It’s a neurological disorder called Misophonia . . . It’s probably not to the level of being the actual disorder. Other things have to have happened to put me in the right mood to where it angers me. But it is very irritating. For example if we were sitting at a quiet dinner and I could hear you chew I would have to stop eating or move away from you. I would then always find reasons to never eat with you again. Iron Man is the loudest chewer I’ve ever met …

Gosh, I’m a weirdo. And I love it. What are some weird things about you?



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  • Reply Nina @ Flowers in my Hair

    Ummmm now I am soooo confused as to what I should call you LOL Blog fodderrrrrr toot toot

    October 31, 2014 at 9:14 am
  • Reply Sarah @ 12 Twenty Seven

    I love seeing the cleaver up close! And I’ll make sure not to eat too loudly when I’m around you! 🙂

    October 31, 2014 at 11:21 am
    • Reply Bex Stark

      that’s so kind of you!

      October 31, 2014 at 11:31 am
  • Reply Faith

    So I was laughing SO hard reading this .. and yes .. I’m glad to see the clever up close. It was looking like it was going to chop us all to bits the other I LOVE that pic of you in your wedding dress!! Gorgeous! and the I’m assuming since we’ve had two meals together that I don’t chew loudly!! lol. loved this post!

    October 31, 2014 at 2:33 pm
  • Reply Madison | Wetherills Say I Do

    Bahah love that all of us have commented on this. This is so fun getting to know more about you. How crazy that you have nephews and nieces that are so close to your age!! At least you still had people your age when you were growing up! And the cleaver, so awesome. Glad I know where the name comes from now! 🙂

    November 3, 2014 at 9:15 pm
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